Day 14 – let the confusing coronavirus investigation begin…

My Journal entry

Day 14 was supposed to be the grand cleaning day but it was a day of uncertainty and fear -most of my time was consumed with figuring out if I should get a covid test, speaking of doctors and hotlines – I kept on getting passed around, with conflicting info and advice – I guess it’s because I’m one of these ‘borderline cases’ – could be but could just be a cold.

It’s so hard to tell.

Also – ugh, this frigging interview. I’m so over it. I don’t really care about it anymore. 

I woke up stressed and worried.

I mean, how could I be anything other than stressed with what’s going on in the world?

The sad thing is ~ in today’s world, if we show any of even the slightest symptom, it causes paranoia and fear to kick it…and then you start worrying about passing it to other people, you start worrying about going home because you want to protect your family.

You don’t want to put anyone at risk. That’s my biggest concern ~ the risk of passing it to those who are vulnerable.

If I were living alone, I wouldn’t nowhere near as concerned about catching coronavirus.

So there I was…sitting there, trying to get through my morning…but all I could think about was finding out if I needed to get tested.

All the waiting and stress just led to me stress-eating…a little too much.

It really sucks feeling helpless ~ there was really nothing I could do…at least until my doctor’s appointment at 1.50 in the afternoon.

When 1.50pm finally came…

No call came.


10 minutes passed and still nothing…

I started thinking that they forgot about me.

I decided to call the doctor’s to make sure I still had my appointment.

Me (to the receptionist): “Hi, I have a phone appointment with Dr Su at 1.50 but I haven’t received a call. Can you just check to make sure that my appointment is still there?”

Receptionist: “Let me just have a look for you…yep your appointment is still there. She should be calling you any minute now.”

Me: “ok”


About 15 minutes later, my phone finally rings.

Dr Su: “Hi…how can I help you?”

Me: “I’m worried that I am showing the first signs of coronavirus and want to know if I should get tested or not.”

Dr Su: “Ok certainly. Can you tell me about the symptoms you’re showing?”

Me: “Yesterday I woke up feeling run down with a sore throat and this morning I woke up covered in sweat. That indicates to me that I had a fever, but I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s very hot today and I covered myself in 2 blankets last night. Also, I came to Perth from Melbourne just before they did the soft border close 14 days ago and on the first day of quarantine I also had the same signs of a sore throat and feeling run down. But I don’t know if that was just because I was so tired.”

Dr Su: “I think you are showing enough symptoms to get a test. You need to call this number.”

She gave me a number to call and wished me luck.

Crap…it was really starting to look like I needed to get tested. F***

And if I have to get tested…how was I even going to get to the hospital?

This whole process of getting tested really seemed like a real headf*** ~ and I had to call yet another number…3 numbers even after talking to a doctor simply to find out if I should get a test…(it just seemed a little too long-winded for my liking).

And the number which the doctor gave me was yet another coronavirus hotline specifically catered for determining whether people qualified to get tested in a clinic.

I thought I could speak to someone straight away to find the answer but I had to leave my details for a call-back.

They didn’t give me a time frame ~ only a simple “we’ll call you back.”

About 20 minutes had passed and I was getting hungry ~ I hadn’t eaten lunch yet and wanted to have a shower…

But then…if I have a shower, I could miss that darn call ~ and that’s the only thing that matters right now.

I decided to call the hotline again.

Me: “Hi, I gave my details to you just before and am waiting for a someone to call me back to see if I should go to a clinic. Is there a long wait?”

Girl: “No they’re usually quite fast.”

Me: “Oh ok, thank you. I just wanted to know if I could go have a shower and eat.”

Girl (laughs): “Just make sure you have your phone on hand.”

Me: “OK.”

After having a shower and eating, I finally got the call. I told the young man on the phone exactly what I said to the doctor.

Guy: “At this stage although you’re showing symptoms, you don’t fit the criteria to get priority for testing. It says that you need to have been overseas in the last 14 days or have come into contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus.”

Me: “Even if I flew a domestic flight? I’m concerned because there were lots of people on the flight and many of them were coughing.”

I was so confused because when I checked our official government website, I was so sure that it said that you’d qualify for a test if you’re showing symptoms and have caught a domestic or international flight within the last 14 days.

Guy: “Look, you can go to the closest clinic and try your luck by telling them your situation. The only thing is I can’t guarantee that you would get priority testing and you might get refused. But if you do go, I wouldn’t tell them about the blankets (I woke up in sweat maybe from using too many blankets on a hot morning). I respect your concerns and understand that everyone has different needs. Lots of people don’t want to go to the hospital because you could also be putting yourself at risk by exposing yourself to people who actually have coronavirus.”

As soon as he said that, I decided it wasn’t worth it to go get tested.

Me: “OK. Thanks so much. I will probably just stay home and monitor myself. I don’t think it’s worth exposing myself if I’m not sure.”

He made such a good point about unnecessarily exposing myself to people with covid. I hadn’t even had considered it at all! I’m so glad that I spoke to him, because it definitely put my mind at ease. And my sore throat was 70% gone by this day too!

I could finally continue on with my day…

And then Flemi messaged me:

“Hey girl, just checking in on how you are and if you have seen a doc  x”

Me: “Hey lovely I called the doc and it was a lot of toing and froing. Basically I was told I have some symptoms but it’s hard to say with certainty if it is. The guy said I wouldn’t be guaranteed a test and could be refused if I went to hospital. It would also put me at risk being exposed to people with covid in the waiting room. Anyway I chose to monitor how I felt today. Good news is sore throat is gone but still feel a lil tired today. I will go tomorrow and do a super sanitary deep clean of ur place today and tomorrow morning”

Flemi: “ooh gosh. Thanks for letting me know. glad you called the doc. what about the covid clinics that they have set up in perth?”

Me: “Ur welcome. Of course. It’s super important to communicate these things. The clinics are set up in hospitals and it’s a risk. I’d rather not expose myself if I’m not showing strong symptoms. No fever, no trouble breathing. Sore throat is gone.”

And that was the end of our conversation.

I still had to contact my parents to update them as well…but the conversation was more or less the same. I don’t know why but it seemed like my parents were less fearful of the whole situation than Flemi (usually my parents especially my mum anxiously worries about things, especially when it comes to health).

All of the calling and messaging back and forth took up most of my day…but I did eventually get around to doing some things like a little bit of cleaning and interview preparation.

It’s funny how much time out of your life worry can take…because once I got off the phone to that guy, I felt like I could continue on with my day again.


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