Breaking away from Paris into the French countryside ~ one of the biggest non-regrets of my travels

21 June 2019

Cities are just not for me anymore. Ok it’s a very shallow statement but to me, metropolitan cities are just full of consumerism…I almost see Paris as a city filled with hedonism ~ all the buildings are so beautiful, the food is wonderful, there are bars on every corner, pastries too, beautiful parks and great shopping. 
Maybe that’s why the average tourist falls so much in love with the place.
Obviously there’s more than meets the eye and there’s a lot of history but it’s just a random opinion I formed when I was walking through Paris after a week.
I feel so much more at ease when I’m working out in the open, with the sun on my face, where I can feel the breeze on my skin and I can hear only a few cars passing during the day. The noisiest things I hear are things like the wild roosters cocking away at each other or the other night, I was woken by an electrical storm. It’s a shame I missed seeing the lightening go horizontally but I definitely heard the wind and hail like rain. It felt like i was in a tornado. I felt the house shake from side to side.
Instead of going through my typical day back home of waking up, rushing to make my breakfast and to get to the office… every day has been a monotonous routine of waking up up, slowly making my breakfast, walking out to the vineyards to ‘tame’ and touch up the vines while learning about the wine making process and doing some other jobs to do with making wine. Tonight I cooked black fish and made a mussel salad I didn’t know about. I learnt many things and made winning dishes. Last night I learnt how to play back-gammon.
Right now, I’m sitting on my couch, staring out my window at the most amazing sunset. Even though I can’t see the sun, I can see the beautiful bright pink, orange, yellow and purple pastel sky. And all I can hear is the leaves of trees blowing in the wind and a plane in the distance. It’s times like these I can’t help but take a deep breath and feel so content with life. It’s times like these I wish I had a simple life. It’s times like these I yearn to live as far away from a metropolitan city as much as possible. I find so much peace here…especially after having so much drama in Paris. I endured a holiday romance breakup, Couchsurfing with two creepy guys and had to deal with paranoia of still having scabies. I’m so thankful my current boss agreed to take me in even though I was had this risk of having scabies. After reporting one of the creepy guys, he went off at me over WhatsApp for having scabies and sleeping in his bed and alienated me. He made me feel like I had a horrible disease or like I had the plague or something…and he took the effort to private message a previous host I stayed with in Paris to alert him to this and make him paranoid as well (I know I’m repeating this from my previous blog). Needless to say, that’s why I’m paranoid I still have it even though I’m not showing any symptoms at all. I hate the feeling of being wrongly accused or made to feel guilty when you haven’t done anything wrong.


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