15 April 2019 – Flying from Colombia to Peru on a shit airline

After 5 weeks of exploring Colombia’s major cities, I’ve finally left and am on a plane to Lima where I can finally do the Salkantay trek. I’m on Viva Air – it must be a Peruvian airline because they won’t accept anything but US Dollars or peruvian Solas on for snacks and drinks which I find incredibly stupid considering we just came from Colombia. So far I don’t like anything about this airline but they were the cheapest. I don’t think I’d want to fly with them again…the flight was also delayed for 2 hours. But I guess it’s kinda justified if the flight is very short and there’s a huge price difference.

How am I feeling?

I think I’m getting the feeling I always get when I’m about to leave a country – rose coloured glasses and sadness. I decided to end my trip going to Guatape with a couple of friends and it ended up being so lovely. So far, Guatape was definitely my favourite place in Colombia so far – people there were very friendly, happy, warm and the place was beautiful and relaxing. They had all this amazing street food too!

Going there made me feel like I rushed too quickly to get out of Colombia and I am in a little bit of regret.

I have a feeling that Colombia would have been like Brazil for me ~ it would have exponentially gotten better during the second month after I adapted. Sadly, I decided to leave so quickly…just as I was getting used to it and starting to truly enjoy it. Plus, my Spanish was getting better too!

But I made a pretty big travel decision which has led to me rushing the last part of South America – I decided to rush back to Brazil as soon as possible after doing my bucket list must do’s (Machu Piccu and the salt flats in Bolivia). It’s a real shame that I won’t get to see more of these beautiful countries and I’m rushing so badly against my style of traveling and not properly giving the country a chance ☹

Despite all this sadness ~ I’m dying to get back to Brazil (and try to extend my visa). I truly am in love…with the country (and in love haha)…I need to go back again.

I need to hear some live Brazilian music, swim in Brazilian beaches, eat acai, speak Portuguese, dance to Funky, go on some trilhas, have some eye-gasms by looking around the city and spend some more time with people in Brazil who I have so much love for (sorry if you haven’t been to Brazil you won’t understand half of the references here).

But Colombia – ahhh Colombia, thank you for the experience.

I definitely met a lot of amazing people along my trip that’s for sure…but I am a little bit sad I didn’t get to interact with as many locals as I wished to. A big part of it was definitely my fault because I was so lazy and unmotivated to do things in Colombia. It was definitely a rest and recuperation part of my trip. I wasn’t really interested in hiking, exploring, site seeing, going out clubbing and going to meet ups. I’m going to really miss the fresh Colombian fruits ~ especially mango and pineapple. I can only hope that Peru will have just as amazing fruit. But omg, I’m definitely excited to try authentic peruvian food – FINALLY!! And to hike the Salkantay trek ~ one of the biggest goals I have on this trip…FINALLY!!!

It’s going to kill me but I’m sure it will be worth it (I’ve never hiked 5000 metres before and definitely died hiking up Cerro Montserrata and that was just over 2000 metres above sea level!).

Wish me luck!


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