8 April 2019 – the beginning of the second week of my workaway in Barbosa, Colombia

I’ve finally finished work today – it was pretty chilled to be honest because Chad (my boss) wasn’t here so I got to do things at my own pace (normally we’re up by around 6-6.30pm but I was allowed to wake up whenever I wanted).

Apart from the lights around the gazebo and moving the stuff from the tool shed, I pretty much spent most of the time cleaning the house and preparing for the next volunteers (preparing their beds). I worked slowly but I think I did a pretty darn good job. I really cleaned the hell out of that house. It’s looking pretty spotless – especially the kitchen. It was really therapeutic actually, except for putting on the bed sheets – I hate doing that (and it’s even harder on a bunk bed).

Anyway, I wrote that to kind of document my day because I don’t do it enough…

But the kids are finally gone!

As lovely as they were, I’m not sure I would’ve been able to handle one more week with them. They were pretty intense to be around for me. Thank god I was in a separate room to them. It was cute though because they left me a thank you-goodbye note in response to mine with a few coins to use in Peru.

But yeah…today was the first day without them and I must say it’s BEAUTIFULLY peaceful here now. Today has just been so amazing for me – to be on my own…and even cooking breakfast by myself for myself was awesome.. I forgot how much I enjoy having alone time. I guess it’s because I’m constantly surrounded by people that it feels so nice to finally have a breather, especially with this amazing view of the mountains, Barbosa and being surrounded by nature. The view is beautiful.

It really soothes my soul being here and makes me realise just how much I dislike being in big cities now.

Side note: I really don’t understand how I’ve seen way more hot men and women here than in Medellin – strange!

Fuck my back is peeling from sun burn 😦

It was so nice to listen to my music while working as well. I listened to this ‘Top Brasil’ playlist that my friend recommended and was loving every song that came on…(it brought back so many good memories)…but then…this particular song came on and for some reason, I started getting sentimental and it emotionally triggered something which made me really miss Brazil

I honestly can’t wait to go back.

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