1 April 2019 – bye bye Medellin

I’m currently sitting on a public bus to Barbosa, a small overlooked city less than an hour away from Medellin. I’m trying hard not to breathe in the fumes from other cars but there’s no air conditioning on this bus…I don’t really have a choice. I’m sure my lungs will thank me very much. Oh the plus side, the ticket was less than AUD $2. But this bus is super crowded. I’m sitting shoulder to shoulder, leg against leg with two other locals. I’m the only foreigner with big backpacks on this bus. There’s no question I’m drawing attention to myself.

So today is finally the day where I leave Medellin. I was there for about a week to learn a bit more Spanish and while I didn’t love the classes, it definitely helped. I was a little sad to leave my Colombian family to be honest. It was so nice staying with them- a real luxury. They cooked for me, talked to me in Spanish and I had a private room. The apartment was also in such a beautiful area with a stunning view of the mountains and city.

Even though it was far from the center, staying there was just what I needed. I wanted time to myself and space and its exactly what this place gave me – a lot of tranquility and peace, away from the center and from all the tourists.

I did it again though- I skipped going to Guatape with my classmates because I was feeling down and really had a lot of life administration to do. So even though I missed out on yet another renowned beautiful site, I followed my heart and my head and tended to my needs and I’m really glad I did. Besides, I can always go to Guatape when I come back to Medellin after this work away?

Update – now it’s raining and all the rain drops and falling into the bus onto my face – lol

How am I feeling?

To be honest, I feel defeated at the moment and unmotivated because I’ve encountered a big personal problem and I’m having nothing but issues with organising my replacement credit card.

I’m not going to lie, I broke down in serious tears this morning and really didn’t want to get out of bed. It was so hard for me to push myself to go.

I couldn’t even be bothered catching the metro so I chickened out and paid the premium fee for someone to drive me.

But here I am…on this bus to a place that not many people know about except for the locals.

Maybe going to Barbosa is what I need at this time in my life.

It’s a little embarrassing because my big backpack is on the floor of this bus and people have to keep walking around it. Its definitely making it much harder for everyone to get off the bus.

I made a quick pitstop to a little shop to have cake and coffee before venturing out, having a conversation in Spanish with the worker. She was lovely and the cake was absolutely delicious (and cheap too) but I must admit, when she asked me if I liked the coffee, I had to lie to her because she looked so proud.

I wasn’t lying when I told her I liked Medellin though.

Anyways, I’ll be working so I think it will be a nice change of scene and it will keep me busy.

I’ll be surrounded by nature and peacefulness again…I hope this will be the nourishment for my soul like I need…because being stuck in all the major cities has felt like its taken a toll on my body. I feel like its drained me. And it’s not only the pollution. I think I’m just over being in big cities to be honest.

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