12 October 2018 – The journey from Bangkok to Koh Tao and my first Workaway in Thailand

I’ve just hopped off an uncomfortable 8 hour bus ride from Bangkok. I’ve had only 3 hours sleep It’s 5am in the morning and I’m having breakfast at this ungodly hour when I’m not even hungry but at least it’s healthy. I am so thankful that the bus ride went without any issues though – only about a 20 minute delay (hurray!)

Breakfast at Chumpon

We still have 2 hours before the boat departs to Koh Tao ~ my next stop.

It looks like a tropical paradise with beautiful clear aqua waters and amazing snorkelling and diving on offer but I don’t feel excited in the slightest. This is partly because of my lack of sleep but more so because I am nervous as I am doing my first ever Couch Surfing stay and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. My host’s profile doesn’t provide a picture of him or much detail. And there’s even less detail from references than his profile description (nothing to be exact).

So what am I scared of?

I’m scared that he will end up being someone really weird and creepy who will give me a scary experience or try to take advantage of me. But I want to give this a shot and give Couch Surfing the benefit of the doubt. After all, taking the less conventional route calls for a far better story and experience in my opinion anyway 😊

While I wait for the boat… (and while I was on the bus and chilling at a fancy hostel all day yesterday) I’ve had some time to reflect on my experience in Bangkok…

My trip in Bangkok finally came to an end last night.

How do I feel about Bangkok?

It was a bitter-sweet experience because I was definitely ready to leave Bangkok but it’s sad to leave my Workaway crew and my life in Bangkok. They felt like a family to me and my life in Bangkok was far from horrible. It was the opposite of horrible to be more accurate ~ I had amazing massages almost every day, saw historical sites, lived like a local for dirt cheap prices, drank and played all sorts of games with my Bangkok family and ate with them and the beautiful guests which came our way.

My first Workaway experience

This trip so far has involved many firsts for me ~ apart from Couch Surfing soon – I just completed my first Workaway Experience. I initially wanted to just stay in Bangkok for one week and got offered two different places. I had to choose:

  1. Dog shelter for one week; or
  2. Hostel for two weeks

I was certain that I wanted a hostel for my first Workaway Experience for the social aspect of it and that’s exactly what I went for. I am so glad I did because I have absolutely no regrets. It was everything I’d hoped for and more. I didn’t expect to meet such amazing people which, like I said, felt like family to me and staying in Bangkok for two weeks was actually perfect – it allowed me to truly live more like a local instead of a tourist because I had the opportunity to work and have days off where I did nothing but also gave me enough time to explore and see pretty much all of the tourist attractions. Not to mention all the things I learnt during my stay 😊

Moral of the story – Been Hostel in Bangkok rocks, not just as a Workawayer but as a guest. I am definitely staying there when I return to Bangkok. It is a small, intimate hostel with a perfect environment. Everyone interacts with each other, the host is likely to cook you dinner if you stay for long enough and you play games and drink with all the workers (if you want to). It’s got the perfect mix of chilled and party with no peer pressure or obligation involved.

Thanks for reading this far – I will keep you posted on my first Couch Surfing experience in due course 😊

***stay tuned for more***


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